Monday, December 5, 2011

Blueridge Acoustic Guitars

Now, I'm going to be totally honest here, and that's the way that I strive to be all the time, and with everything that I've ever published online.  If all you're seeing is this account or these "D 28 Guitar"'ve not seen much of my output.  It's all over, and it grows almost every day.

First statement of fact here is that I've never so far as I recall seen and laid my hands upon a Blueridge guitar.  I'd love to get to fool with one, and I'd love even more to own one.  I own a very nice Fender F 65 dreadnought, it supplements my Santa Cruz Dreadnought very well, and in a lot of situations.  I don't see taking my Santa Cruz around to places with me that I'd more readily take the Fender.


The Fender was made in Japan, is a Fender and not a Martin or a Santa Cruz, and is more easily replaceable, and done so for loads less money.  No, the Fender ain't for sale, never will be, and is a very well loved instrument.  I own very few things, care for fewer things still, and I inherited it from my grandmother who died.

My grandfather that taught me about guitars and started me to playing them, and learning about the type of music and musical instruments that I discuss on these blogs was a world war II vet from the South Pacific.  He hated the Japanese fiercely for most of his life, and wouldn't even allow his sons to park their Japanese vehicles in his driveway for a very long time.

So things made in Japan - and especially Japanese made guitars were....devalued in his mind, regardless of their quality.  Oh later on he forgave the Japanese and got over all of that kind of stuff, he had to, he was a Christian who knew he'd be dying sooner or later.

But whatever - most people just aren't into appreciating Japanese instruments on the same level of commerce as they are a fine, solid wood American made acoustic instrument.

Then there are Blueridge guitars - and these are not made in the Blue Ridge Mountains - they are made in China.

Recently on Hubpages I produced a Hub/article about the top five Vintage recreations of a pre war Martin D 28...and in that mix was a Brazilian Rosewood model guitar made by Blueridge.  I couldn't figure out how the hell they could sell a guitar that was built to those specs with Brazilian rosewood for the prices that they were selling them.  Now I do know the how and the why though - it's made in China.

You can not tell me that that guitar, a Blueridge BR 180 - isn't smoking hot in the realm of beauty.  It's for sale for just over a grand, and here's your link:

But how does a Blueridge guitar sound?  Ain't that what matters most?  I think it is - I've just not played one, and so I don't have any sort of personal opinion or recommendation to give you, or anyone else; and I won't until I have had my hands on one.  We can, however, employee youtube here, and that's what I'll do!

I chose the video above for comparative quality of several fine instruments including a Blueridge competitor. My verdict is in, and it's that with this guy playing the upper crust of guitars, and the same tune on each one - that Blueridge guitars are on the up and up, and compete nicely in sound quality - at a superior price.

Now, please do NOT take that to mean that in these trying times I support buying Chinese products over American made products - but at the same time, in the spirit of honesty, if I needed a top notch guitar, and only had so much to spend - to hell with politics, I'm buying a Blueridge because it's affordable.


Anonymous said...

This is very interesting. I try to go for what's American made, but sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to fit within your means.

~WTS~ said...

Hey thank you!!!! I know that's right - but one of these used compared to a new Martin - the brand it was designed to mimic....there's going to be a thousand or more dollars difference there!

starland guitar said...
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starland guitar said...

This is great product of American in guitar from long time .i love the D28 guitar.

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Jim Pryts said...

Oh my!!! I've done it. I bought a Chinese guitar. The Blueridge BR160a. It looks nice next to my 1974 Martin D28, my 2001 Martin JC16RGTE, and my 1888 Martin 2 1/2 17 parlor guitar. AND, it sounds great. If a soothsayer had walked up to me a year ago and told me that I would soon buy a Chinese guitar, I would have disagreed, vehemently. I make it a point to buy American whenever I can, even if I have to spend a little more, but the makers of Blueridge guitars really challenged my made in America standards here. For $900.00, tax included, I came away with what amounts to a Martin HD28 Adirondack. This thing sings very sweetly, with just a bit more brightness than my mellow old D28, and I've scoped it out too. It is well built, with scalloped, hybrid X bracing, fine, solid tonewoods, and beautiful golden era snowflake, and diamond mother of pearl position markers.It is a thing of beauty . . . but my conscience still bothers me. I am so torn, but I make no more apologies now. This is way too good a guitar to have paid well under a thousand dollars for. I am happy.

wesman shaw said...


I've still never got to lay hands on a Blueridge...I've just never seen one in any of the Dallas, Texas area guitar stores.

Glad to hear of a great bargain and great guitar!

Bill Gannon said...

I own a BR160A-2. Also have a 1971 Guild F50-R (Westerly made.) It almost never comes out of it's case anymore. That's how good the Blueridge is.

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