Monday, December 5, 2011

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Online

If you are interested in these subjects of fine acoustic guitars, or flatpicking acoustic guitars, or if you are just a fan of acoustic guitar music - then Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Online is definitely a website that I would recommend to you.

It's a social networking site, where you can interact with persons who are into playing steel string guitars with picks, or plectrums, and who do so playing all kinds of music.  It should be obvious, however, that most flatpicking is going to be centered around the type of music that originated the genre, and that's folk, bluegrass, and old Celtic tunes that crossed the Atlantic Ocean with the American immigrants that settled this place way back when.

Also, I'd be very remiss were I to fail to point out that Flatpicking Guitar Magazine IS a magazine that you can subscribe to, and that it is simply one of the finest resources for instruction material for flatpicking guitar that is available.  The staff is full of people who are well known and well renowned for their skills, and all levels of player will have instruction material in every issue - from beginner level all the way to tab and music of pieces that only the most skilled can play up to tempo.

The above is the home page to Flatpicking Guitar Magazine online, and it's a fine site, and a fine magazine too.  It was started by a man named Dan Miller, and I've personally had a subscription in the past, and would like to have one again.  I'm just broke, is all.  Yes, I've met Dan Miller, and more than once - same as with Dan Crary, Steve Kaufman, and who knows how many other flatpicking guitarists - all at Winfield, Kansas and during the Walnut Valley Festival.

I also have a profile on Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Online, and here it is:

Just like any good social networking site - the site has various groups and blogs and forums, and the ability to have "friends," and upload pictures and videos.  It's a fine site.  I go there to watch some videos that someone uploaded of themselves at home - and to ...basically view the world of amateurs to pros who have profiles there, and see what's going on in the world of one of my favorite art forms.


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