Sunday, December 25, 2011

Soldier Of Fortune, Deep Purple and Blackmore's Night.

I'm totally into the gorgeous tune Soldier Of Fortune, by Deep Purple, originally - but not the original version of Deep Purple, more, you know...the David Coverdale version of Deep Purple.

Not that there's anything wrong with David, he's a pretty decent vocalist - he can sure sing better than I can; and before folks started calling him a Robert Plant clone he was already a great vocalist and a writer that came up with some pretty good tunes here and there as well - one of those, the best one that I know of was...of course, Soldier Of Fortune.  In fact, I'm betting that that's a song that will not only last, but pass on into some sort of future English Folk Tune....and likewise, and American one as well.

And that's all well, good, pretty, and cool - but it's absolutely nothing on the version by Blackmore's Night; and that's because Candice Night is all that and then some - at least she was when they recorded the following.

That Woman's just pretty, and can sing very well, surely you would agree?  I'm thinking that the guitar Blackmore uses in this is a hollow body electric of a design that I've not seen before.  It's a very clear and acoustic guitar sound he's getting here.  The thing makes me think of some sort of Ovation guitar.  I don't see a sound hole, but that doesn't mean that there's not one on that thing somewhere.

In other words I'd like to find out what the guitar he's playing here is.


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