Sunday, January 22, 2012

Elixir Acoustic Guitar Strings

The Best value in Guitar Strings, and No Doubt About It.

Elixir brand acoustic guitar stringsare the strings with the highest value that I have ever used. I say that without the slightest reservation, and without a second thought. There's simply no doubt about this in my mind. I've had my sweaty, grubby, hard working hands on guitars, and guitar strings for the past twenty four years. I started playing guitar at twelve years old. I used to wear out a brand new set of string in less than a week . . . .and then they started making Elixer.
When I started playing guitar, strings like Elixer brand strings did not exist. If they did, then I surely didn't know about it. I always got my strings through my grandfather, who ordered them though Musician's Friend catalog, he always bought strings in bulk, and he'd decided, wisely, to use phosphor bronze wound strings.

Phosphor Bronze vs. Brass

Chances are that if you are reading this you are an amateur musician or a non-professional guitar enthusiast. If you are new to guitar playing, and new to changing or installing a set of strings on a guitar-then you probably aren't good at it, and you know that it's sometimes a royal pain in the rear. You don't want to have to change strings very often, and neither does anyone else that I know. This is why Elixer guitar strings for acoustic guitar-are the right strings for you, me, and really, everyone.
Here's the thing, or maybe I should slyly say, "hear is the thing."  I've got WAY better hearing than most people, or maybe, I've got ears that are more in tune to music, and especially guitars.  I can hear really quickly when a string is out of tune, or if that string is "dead."
Brass wound acoustic guitar stings are the strings of choice for a studio, or professional acoustic guitarist when he is going into the studio to record something-but at no other time will he or she use brass wound guitar strings.  Why is that?  Brass wound guitar strings sound really, really great at first-and then they "die," or get really dull sounding really quickly.
Phosphor Bronze wound strings don't quite sound as "bright" as brass wound guitar strings-but they maintain a new string sound for a longer period of time than do brass wound guitar strings.

What Kills Your Strings?

What causes strings to loose the new string sound?  That's easy, your sweat kills the new string sound, the oil's secreted from your skin kills the sound as well.  There's nothing much you can do to stop that.  Washing your hands works, of course, but that only slows the process of fading new string sound down a bit.  If you are using brass wound, or phosphor bronze wound guitar strings, take a good quality paper towel, or a wash clothe that you don't wash with anymore-but still a clean one, spray some WD 40 onto the clothe, and gently wipe down your strings with it.  That little trick will bring your strings back to life for a little while, and you can even do that a few times with some degree of tonal benefit.

Elixer Polyweb Coating, THE Solution.

Elixer brand acoustic guitar strings have a polyweb coating that is the solution to the dead or dying new string sound problem.
Once I heard someone say,
I just don't see paying that kind of money for strings!
My unsaid thoughts were this,
Well, just keep spending more money for strings that will die fast, you less than bright fellow, you will SAVE money in the long run, LOTS of money if you spend a bit extra for the Elixer brand strings with the polyweb coating that prevents you from NEEDING new acoustic guitar strings!
It's absolutely true, and I'm completely correct - if you use Elixer, then you won't be spending nearly so much money towards maintaining that new string sound on your acoustic guitar, you will save money, lots of money.  The strings on my Santa Cruz have been on it for over a year, and they still sound fresh, and they still sound better than a set of two day old phosphor bronze strings, or one day old brass wound strings.


Ronal dino said...

Now most people do not know how to view a guitar neck to check if it is tilted or curved back. Basically, just set the guitar on the floor keeps it upright on the head.

acoustic guitar

~WTS~ said...

Very true.

I'm hoping that the only folks that read this and buy Elixir strings....or any strings DO know about that stuff though!

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