Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Jasmine Model Acoustic Guitar by Takamine

The Jasmine, by Takamine

Years ago while living in a large, communal recovery house in Dallas, Texas; called "The Reiger House," on Reiger Avenue, I had made arrangements with the owners of the place to have a friend of mine who'd just got back from a walking tour of Europe's heroin usage areas move into my room. Nobody got a room to themselves there - so it's probably best to have a roomate that you already know. Better the devil you know than the devil that you don't. Something like that. The room mate situation wasn't so terrible though - he brought with him an acoustic guitar, a "Jasmine" model by Takamine. I swear to you - I couldn't have been more pleased with my new room mate, the Takamine Jasmine - it's a great guitar to have in such places, and any other place that one will go!

The Jasmine Acoustic Guitar By Takamine

Another Example of a Jasmine, By Takamine.

The Jasmine Acoustic Guitar, By Takamine.

Let me let you all in on a few differenent secrets here - no conspiracies, just facts; I'm a huge fan of high end, very expensive acoustic guitars. But here is a simple fact for you - you don't need a two thousand dollar guitar to be a good guitarist, have a tremendous amount of fun, or even to learn some very professional level musicianship skills on acoustic guitar. Here's another secret for you - in this day and age I'm all for buying American made products, and you should be too; but there's also something to be said for getting what you want out of the money you spend, and the best deals on great, beginner to intermediate level acoustic guitars are all guitars made in Japan by companies like Takamine, Yamaha, and Alvarez.
Look, I have no idea what kind of money that you have. I'm gonig to assume here that you're strapped to the max like I am, and that if you spent one to five thousand dollars on that Martin Guitar that you've always dreamed of - that if that thing came up missing, was burned in a house fire, etc, etc, etc - it would be just as devestating to you as it would be for me. I know about such worries - I have some guitars that I literally think that I could flip out completely on you, or on anyone should something happen to them. When I went to stay in Northern California last year my friend/host over there begged me to bring my Santa Cruz Guitar. I said,
"HELL NO. My Santa Cruz ain't riding in the back of nobody's pick up truck - it's the most precious thing that I own."
All I needed was THIS guitar, the Jasmine by Takamine - if I had had one of these, I'd have travelled to California with a guitar, and played the whole time I was there. I didn't have one. I lost out. I could have spent my days down at the Seaside, California Barnes and Nobel, or Starbucks drinking coffee, playing guitar, and collecting one to twenty dollar bills in my Minne Tonka Fedora hat for tips.
It literally could have PAID my way. When I went to beautiful San Francisco, and walked the streets of that magical la la land, I perused many a poor redneck like myself on the street corner collecting money for playing a cheap Japanese guitar just like the Jasmine by Takamine. Those guys all seemed to sneer at me in hindsight, as they pocketed MY cash.

Everybody needs a Jasmine Guitar by Takamine

Are you interested in finding out if you have any talent for playing guitar, but don't want to spend a lot of money on something that you might not get into, but you don't want to not have a legitimate guitar? The Jasmine by Takamine is for YOU.
Are you thinking about buying a guitar for a child that may or may not take to being a serious student of the instrument, or of music - but you don't want to buy him or her something that isn't any good? The Jasmine by Takamine is for YOU.
Are you a real guitarist, and need a real guitar that you aren't afraid of getting scratched up down at the deer lease, but your deer hunting buddies demand that you bring a guitar? The Jasmine by Takamine is for YOU.
Are you a traveler heading off on a journey, and you don't know when you'll return, or if you'll return at all - and you don't want to risk the family heirloom guitar on such a fateful and unpredictable journey? The Jasmine by Takamine is for you?
Do you just need a campfire guitar to sing Kumb ba Ya My Lord for the kid - owe's? Jasmine by Takamine is for YOU.


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