Sunday, November 27, 2011

The HD 35

Quite obviously, a D 35 is a different instrument than a D28.  I'm not going to get too much into how not every D 28 ever made has been a herringbone D 28, but I do expect you to either know that, trust me on that, or ask me questions.

I'll tell you no lies.

What's the difference between one with and without the damned herringbone trim anyway?

Quite a lot.

You see, having herringbone trim on a Martin guitar isn't just trim - it also signifies structural differences in the instrument that you can not see with your eyes, but rather, that you WILL hear with your ears.

Herringbone Martin guitars are fragile instruments, more fragile than is normal for something made of wood and glue and enduring large amounts of tension from the elements, the fools unworthy to even touch the thing; and steel strings pulling against glued pieces of wood.

Anyway, that's a D 35's three piece rosewood back.  For more information on what a D 35 actually is, and how and why the HD 35 is special, then I've prepared the following for you.  But before you go to my link with more detail about the Martin HD 35, why don't you have a listen to one first?


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