Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Dan Tyminski D 28

The Dan Tyminski D 28 is just different.  It is not at all like the modern HD 28v's - it is purposefully braced with not a High X, but a LOW X bracing because that's how Dan wanted the thing.

If you don't know, then the positioning of the X braces make a huge difference in the sound of any guitar.  Yes the rosewood and spruce are important, and yes, also important here are the specific cuts of wood.....

It's a Martin, dude, it's going to be great.

Here's more:

Custom Artist Edition - Designed for Dan Tyminski who wanted a guitar to take on the road that sounded as much as possible like his 1946 D-28 - Indian rosewood with Adirondack spruce top, Golden Era style scalloped braces with the X in the rear position (as on the Martin D-28 1941 Museum Edition), ivoroid binding, herringbone top trim, tortoise Delmar pickguard. Modified V-shape neck, ebony fretboard (1-11/16" nut, 25.4" scale), diamond and square position markers, ebony bridge with bone saddle. String spacing at saddle is 2-1/4". Waverly nickel open gears with oval buttons. Exceptional sound.
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sku: D28TYM .. list $5149.00 ours $4149.00 

  1. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't buy this guitar because I'd simply have to think that the forward or HIGH X is always preferable.....but I'm not Dan Tyminsky.
  2. This guitar DOES have the vaunted red Adirondack spruce top that generally costs another thousand dollars than the Sitka spruce top does that is normal or standard these days.
  3. The braces, though rear positioned in regards to the X...are still scalloped, so my contempt prior to investigation should be taken with lots of salt grains.
  4. This ain't a herringbone dreadnought because it's NOT a high X - but it's still going to be a superior instrument in sound and quality than other NON HD 28's because of the scalloped bracing and because of (possibly) the Adirondack spruce top.
  5. Check out the youtube vid for this, and then check out the comments, brother they surely do get entertaining, and yeah, that's me "Wesmantodd1974"


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