Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Martin D 16

Mahogany dreadnoughts are simply awesome, and I'm never going to be able to stop kicking myself for selling my Martin D 18GE that I used to own.  I sold the thing because I was depressed, broke, and owned another guitar already that was far too good for my skill level to justify.

Broke is one thing, but trying to rationalize the ownership of an instrument based upon the players level of skill is ridiculous.  You don't have to be Tony Rice to enjoy a fine guitar.  Thinking that one must be a great guitarist to own an outstanding guitar (or three!) is like saying that an ugly dude shouldn't be married to a beautiful woman.  It's not something that is anyone else's business.


The D 16 is a cannon of an instrument.  Martin's mahogany dreadnoughts are superb, and have a sound that is undeniably different than the rosewood guitars, and altogether something that, to me, just cuts to the bone.  I can't believe that I don't own one at present.


Whenever I do have some folding money to spend again on a guitar, I'm going to look into a D 16, but I prefer to shop used for high end guitars.  I know what I'm doing.

Looking at D 16s, the things look just like a D 18.  It gets sort of weird to me when I consider that Martin makes some D 16s with an Adirondack top.  Thing is, upon closer inspection of a D 16....it's NOT exactly mahogany, but rather, a very close cousin of mahoganysapele.  Sapele is an outstanding tonewood, btw, and don't think that it's not.  Also in production is the D 16GT, which is a rosewood body instrument.

So what is going on here?

The 16 is relative to an experimental Martin bracing pattern, and the verdict is that the experiment WORKS!

These solid wood Martin's are selling new at just over a grand.  I can't tell you enough what a bargain that is for these types of instruments.  You want one with Adirondack spruce on the soundboard?  You can have one, it's only going to cost you about twice as much.


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