Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Flatpicking In Italy

The art form known as flatpicking, i.e., the playing of a steel string acoustic guitar with a pick, and primarily playing either traditional fiddle tune songs on that instrument, or creating songs from the genres of music that had been dominated by fiddles or violins - is not and never was a purely American music form.

It didn't even start in America.  So far as the past one hundred years are concerned - it was started in Europe, and by a Gypsy Roma Frenchman named Django!

But the point of this particular post is to show that what has been a musical form with it's hotbed in Appalachia in the USA, is also very present in all parts of Europe.

Today I want to do a bit of promotion or awareness of flatpicking in Italy.


The term flatpicking is usually exclusive to steel string acoustic guitars - but playing the mandolin for the same kinds of music could also be considered flatpicking.

Jesper Rübner-Petersen - is a new person for me, and I'm pleased to have discovered this man's music from the blog link that I've shared up above!

VERY tasteful!!!!  


Anonymous said...

Jesper is a great musician and so good at improvising! We are good friends, but I would like to thank you for the nice blog about flatpicking in Italy since I happen to be a flatpicker and an Italian too.
Ciao from Italy and Merry Christmas,
Roberto Dalla Vecchia

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~WTS~ said...

Thank you VERY much Sir!!!!!

I'm very interested in flatpicking, and especially as it appears in Europe, where I've never been.

I mostly write on other sites, but I intend to build this blog a lot, and Of course I intend to write here about Beppe, who I've had the pleasure of meeting


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