Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jimmy Page and the Martin D 28

Though the earliest Led Zeppelin albums were recorded before Jimmy Page ever owned a Martin D 28, he did, obviously, acquire one, and you can see it in the beautiful rendition of That's The Way featured up above.  No, I don't know much else about it, or his specific guitar, but I recall reading about him getting one in The Hammer Of The Gods, a book that page basically loathed, and didn't approve of in the least.

The powers of Google, however, allow me, and you - the opportunity to find out any damned thing we want, and so now I've got a link all about Jimmy Page's Martin D 28:

And of course, images of him playing one too.

The D 28's, there's more than one, that belong to James Patrick Page are not herringbone D 28s, and that's well and good as Page is a big fan of alternate tunings, and perhaps the herringbone instruments would be too fragile for extended times set at those tunings?  I don't know.  One must take great care with expensive guitars!

And then the guitar in the video up above - I've no idea what that is, but clearly it's a Martin copy of some kind or another, and quite possibly a custom made instrument - a one of, just for Page.

Of course That's The Way is hardly the only song that Page made famous with his Martin D 28.  Most folks will be familiar with Going To California too, and of course he always finger picked that tune on stage with his D 28.

If you're interested, then here's a link with two nice finger style versions of that song for guitar:


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