Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gordon Lightfoot's D 18

An Amazing Sounding, Beautiful and Timeless Acoustic Guitar

The Martin D 18 is one of the most wonderful guitars that has ever been produced in America, or anywhere.  It's look is simplistic and beautiful because of it.  It's sound is highly prized, and marvelous. I've owned one, and I'll own another if I have my life the way that I think that it should be.

Now, something for the dream list:

Gordon Lightfoot is well known around the world as a singer and songwriter; perhaps the best known Canadian folk musician ever.

Now sure, Gordon is often seen playing an old Gibson twelve string guitar, and that's all good, but he and his late guitarist, forget the name for the moment, that died this past year in February - they both also played Martin D 18's very often.

The D 18 is the world's most under rated acoustic steel string guitar, in my opinion - but besides that, people often just consider it a cheaper instrument instead of properly realizing that it's not cheaper, just less expensive.

Well, that's how it is until you get to the Gordon Lightfoot limited edition signature model.....which is considerably more dressed up with abalone inlay, and of course, cost quite a bit more.  But it's still a D18, specifically, it's the D18 GL.


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