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Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha acoustic guitars range from beginners level all the way up to guitars that the best of the best would love to play. I've had my hands on more Yamaha guitars than I'll ever remember, and I would recommend the brand to anyone. Here's some details about the three main lines of Yamaha acoustic guitars.

A Beautiful Yamaha Acoustic Guitar With A Sunburst Finish.


Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

Growing up I spent many a Saturday early morning riding with my late Grandfather, A.T. Coker, to various and sundry local flea markets or trade days in order to peruse the boothes of vendors and find that super duper deal. Very often what the goal of these journeys was - was to find a nice machine shop tool that the Grandfather could use, or another great bargain on a used stringed instrument. We also always had instruments that had been purchased for little, had minor repairs, and sold for double. Very often the prize find of these Saturday trips were Yamaha Acoustic Guitars.

Now, it blows the mind, but often we'd find these guitars for very little money. Yamaha makes wonderful beginner, intermediate, and even professional grade acoustic guitars. Of course everyone will forever be on the lookout for that Martin or Gibson acoustic guitar that they paid less than a hundred dollars for. Those guitars are out there, but they are hard to find, being sold by either desperate, or uninformed persons that either don't understand their value, or stole those guitars and want some cash for them, and to forget about it. I don't advocate buying anything from a theif, I advocate turning them in if they steal guitars - someone steals one of mine and everything they own is in jeopardy.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars - A Superior Bargain!

Let me tell you something that is no secret at all to you if you read my articles very often - I'm a total snob when it comes to acoustic guitars. Personally, I own a Santa Cruz acoustic guitar that is one of the five to ten finest instruments that I've ever played, and trust me here - I've played more very expensive acoustic guitars than most persons have ever laid eyes on. I'm just an acoustic guitar snob, I'm not the least bit ashamed of it either, so when I tell you that Yamaha Acoustic Guitars are superior instruments for the price - and especially in the beginners to intermediate range, I'm telling you what I know, and I'm telling you the truth. Quite simply, most buyers are looking to have a brand name like Gibson or Martin on their acoustic guitar - and unless you are buying one of those two company's all solid wood construction, and high end guitars, then you are better off buying Japanese guitars like Yamaha. If you are just in love with those names, "Martin," or "Gibson," and you aren't buying one of their all solid wood construction guitars, hey, more power to you. I just hope someone doesn't make you feel too bad when their Yamaha or Takamine, or Alvarez acoustic guitar blows yours away.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars.

I almost exclusively write about and review steel string acoustic guitars, and in that arena the Yamaha guitar company makes three major lines of guitars, the F series, the FG series, and the L series. Of course Yamaha Acoustic Guitars are not limited to these three series of instruments - they also produce classical guitars, thin line acoustic electric guitars, and standard sized acoustic electric guitars - and others still. But the F, FG, and the L series are the straight acoustic and steel string flat top acoustic guitars that I'm most familiar with, and that I will discuss in a bit more detail.

The F Series Acoustic Guitars by Yamaha: The F series guitars are made from laminated woods, these are the least expensive type of steel string guitars by any manufacturer - as the materials are cheap. These guitars are ideal for students. I'd actually like to own one to carry around with me, or take camping, hiking, or travelling. There's no need to own or purchase a more expensive acoustic guitar until one is certain that they are interested in music enough that they will be spending and dedicating time to that.

The FG Series Acoustic Guitars by Yamaha: The FG series of guitar are what I'd call intermediate level guitars. The first major upgrade from an all laminate guitar is a guitar with a solid top or soundboard, and usually the soundboard will be spruce. The back and sides of these guitars will still be laminate woods - the solid top provides a louder and clearer and sweeter tone. These are great guitars - and only very serious or otherwise financially able persons will want or need the next level up of Yamaha's Acoustic Guitars.

The L Series Acoustic Guitars by Yamaha: These are the high end, all solid wood construction guitars that are bound to be acoustic guitars that will last a lifetime. These guitars are good enough to last several lifetimes when cared for properly, and will play and sound as good or better than anyone else's guitars. These are keepers, and these are bargains. It's just a plain fact that you can land one of these guitars used for way less than you can a comparable guitar by Martin, Gibson, Taylor - or any other American or Canadian guitar manufacturer. Sure, your friends who own a Martin will always think their guitar is better than yours if you own one of these - sometimes the joke will be on them, and especially after they play your Yamaha L Series guitar, and find out what you paid for it!


I hope I was able to shed some light on the value of Yamaha Acoustic Guitars for you here. In time I may get into reviewing specific models of these guitars. I'm forever writing about . . . .my absolute love for steel string acoustic guitars, the people that play them, and their music. Cheers to all, and I'm always very willing to answer any questions that you might have.


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