Sunday, October 2, 2016

Outlaw Music - The Grateful Dead

The Music of The Grateful Dead

I've always loved the music of The Grateful Dead. I recall running around with my grandfather at a young age, and at the Canton, Texas flea market, First Monday, we'd happened into a booth where there were some musical instruments to look at, and things everywhere that had something about something called The Grateful Dead on it on everything. I had to ask someone what it was, and I was told that it was a rock and roll band.
I have to admit that I was mostly a metal head at that early age. I saw those cool skulls and stuff, and thought that The Grateful Dead must be some kind of heavy metal band. I couldn't wait to hear my first Grateful Dead tune. Boy, was I ever disappointed!

The Grateful Dead


Folk Rock, Sinners, and False Saints.

The Grateful Dead performed anything but metal. They are masters of American Folk Rock, and so much more. The Grateful Dead along with others like Gram Parsons, and his Flying Burrito Brothers, and the later stages of The Byrds, performed American Cosmic music, which melded folk, rock, and storytelling into a high art that hasn't been approached since the mid 1970's.
But there is so much more to The Grateful Dead than any of that. The Grateful Dead pioneered not just new themes in music in an age of change in America. They pioneered new concepts of how a band relates to it's audience. They interacted with their audience in a way that had never been done before.
What the Grateful dead did better than anyone not named Johnny Cash, however, was perform songs about unsavory sorts of persons - all out Outlaws, if you will. Murderers, Thieves, Womanizers, Drug Dealers, and more. It's a tremendous slap in the face of those that are forever trying to pretend as if they do not indulge in any sort of "sin" that we Grateful Dead lovers are able to live out the parts of our lives that we don't present to corporate America through their music.
Life is full of ups and downs, and anyone who tries to pretend that everything they do or ever did was on the up and up - is simply a liar.

The Grateful Dead


Modern America, Outlaws, and The Grateful Dead.

Admit it, if you live in the United States of America - you live in a police state run by oligarchs through their corporate fascist system that they've created. The ethnic monopoly that controls the entire mass media has instilled some sort of meme in order to make every single person that is exposed to their lies, garbage, and subtle manipulations, feel as though they are guilty of something.
You see - not feeling guilty for what we are all charged of makes us want to speak our minds in opposition to what they imply that we deserve their derision for.
In a land where the Department of Homeland Insecurity finds that support of the United States Constitution and it's citizens Bill of Rights is reason enough to investigate a person under the malignant and false pre tense of being a "domestic terrorist" for such - the common man, the thinking man, and any non conformist to corporate media memes is now the target, the "outlaw," if you will. Corporations like Monsanto - a corporation that has never produced any product that a human being can safely be exposed to - is pushing to make it illegal for you to even grow your own vegetables. They rely upon your ignorance and your willing compliance. Do not give them what they do not own, and do not deserve.
Get your Grateful Dead on!
We no longer have our government. The tail is wagging the dog. We are all outlaws in a world where the oligarchs seek only two classes of people - 1. them, and 2. US.
We can only live on, and preserve our traditions, tune out their contrived and plotted confusions, social divisions, and guilt. We must form our own networks of information, and our own communities of barter and trade - totally eliminating any middlemen that use the fruits of OUR labor to support fascist murders of lands and the rape of resources and persons overseas - so that THEY can become more wealthy, and the divide made much greater between our means, and theirs.
The mass media sells fear, but the righteous go as boldly as lions. We will not conform to their slave class, no "overman" will exists in the elite class/ slave class world. There will only be elites, slaves, and outlaws.

Grateful Dead Memorabilia


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